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Healthcare Staffing-Job Seeker Consulting
Services Overview
Services Overview


For Employers

  • Direct placement employee search services where we locate hard to find candidates and approach currently employed workers in similar positions to source your organization the best of the best 
  • Contracted searches including retained and contingency based options 
  • Ability to help you fill low level or high level positions with quality candidates ASAP while working on a deadline 
  • Guarantee on newly hired employees for two months from the hire date with a graduated pay schedule for the placement fee over this period of time

For Job Seekers

  • High level resume writing, preparation, retooling, and advice highlighting specific areas of the job seekers background and communicating this to the employer in a highly refined and "wordsmithed" format 
  • One on one interview preparation and coaching sessions  including strategic advice for each stage of the process and how to deal with different interview and application scenarios that include utilizing special techniques that give you an edge 
  • Resume databasing allowing job seekers to be matched and considered for future openings with employers