About Us

Holy Healthcare brings over twenty years of healthcare and staffing experience in the Eastern Washington and North Idaho area to job seekers and employers who are aggressively seeking highly qualified candidates! Holy Healthcare has also established National networks comprised of many different well known large companies and currently holds contracts with some of the biggest names in the healthcare industry! Through these networks and contracts, Holy Healthcare has constant access to well over one thousand revolving positions at any given time that encompass numerous disciplines. And, of course, all of Holy Healthcare’s positions are specifically within the healthcare field!

Holy Healthcare also feels like we have a true mission and purpose as a company. Regarding this mission and purpose, Holy Healthcare truly strives to find that right fit for both the candidate and the employer! Overall, Holy Healthcare’s foundational belief is that finding the right “fit” is not just about a paycheck and an employee who can complete a task. In fact, Holy Healthcare believes that in reality, what we do is actually more about the culture and how the employee fits into that culture to create a true “great hire”. Holy Healthcare is strongly focused on these core beliefs which creates the foundation and main staples to achieving long term stable structural employment success. When this happens, inevitably this not only is good for the employer, but most importantly, this makes for happy, dedicated, and stable long term employees!

Holy Healthcare also strongly believes in helping job seekers hone their skills and create marketing documents that will get them hired. Period. We take pride in the content we generate for resumes, cover letters, and job coaching. This pride also shows through when Holy Healthcare’s customers often tell us that the end products are at a much higher level then many of the cut rate resume mills that are on the market today! It just supports that old saying: “you get what you pay for in the end”! And, in a competitive world like we have today, all job seekers need to grab any advantage they can obtain in order to set themselves apart from the pack!