-High level resume writing, preparation, retooling, and advice highlighting specific areas of the job seekers background and communicating this to the employer in a highly refined and “wordsmithed” format

-One on one interview preparation and coaching sessions including strategic advice for each stage of the process and how to deal with different interview and application scenarios that include utilizing special techniques that give you an edge

-Resume databasing allowing job seekers to be matched and considered for future openings with employers


Resumes Construction or Retooling Services

-If you are interested in having us re-write your resume, please submit your resume for a free complimentary price quote to:

-In the subject line of the email, please specify that you are submitting the resume for a price estimate

-Once we receive your resume, we will return a price quote for the cost to either build, retool, or polish your resume

-All resumes NOT submitted in MS-Word may be subject to additional charges to convert the resume to an editable format

-Holy Healthcares’ rates for resume retoolings can vary significantly based on a range that includes a light polishing of the resume to a full specialty resume from scratch

-If you require additional services such as cover letter writing or other professional writing services in addition to the ones outlined above, please feel free to submit the content to us and we will send you a quote for the task requested

Job Coaching Services

-Job coaching for first, second, or even third interviews and follow up sessions for post interview interpretation and strategic planning for the next stage are 1 hour sessions at a charge of $35 for each session

-All of these personal one on one sessions are conducted via telephone with our professional staff

-If you feel more comfortable doing an “in person” one on one training session the fee is $100 dollars per 1 hour session

-All job coaching sessions must be paid for prior to the appointment time via Holy Healthcares’ electronic billing services

-If you are interested in our job coaching sessions please feel free to contact us at:

We will have our staff contact you promptly to schedule your session(s) and to explain to you the billing process

If you have any further questions that have not been addressed above, also please feel free to email us at:

Thank you,

The Holy Healthcare Team