Here are some testimonials from some of our satisfied resume, cover letter, and job coaching clients!

I had been out of work for awhile and things were getting tight financially. Surprisingly, the Medical Assistant market in Spokane was not quite as good as it was the last time I was looking for a position five years ago. I decided to have Holy Healthcare redo my resume to improve my chances of landing an interview. Shockingly, when I received the completed resume back, I could not believe it was me because of how well it communicated my experience and education! I also did some job coaching with Holy Healthcare to help in my overall job search and interview strength. After completing my resume and the job coaching, it was only a matter of about 3-4 weeks before I had a job! I attribute most of this success to Holy Healthcare and the work they did considering there was really nothing different in my job search other then the impact their help had on my overall success. Thank you so very much Holy Healthcare for helping me to land a job before things got much worse.

Sue Bailey
Medical Assistant
Spokane, WA

I had contacted Holy Healthcare on a referral due to an urgent rush order I needed for a cover letter. I had recently discovered a job opening that was coming up that had not been posted yet. Holy Healthcare ended up working hard on a deadline to research about the type of position and the skills that were needed. They then interviewed me and structured a cover letter highly focused on the needs of that type of position. They were then able to tailor my experience to those needs and create a cover letter that was amazing. Ironically, considering I had never held that specific position before, it was crazy to me how when they were done with the cover letter how you would have almost thought I had! Needless to say, shortly after receiving the cover letter back and submitting it, I was very surprised when the hiring manager called me for an interview! I was even more surprised when they ended up offering me the job! Thank you Holy Healthcare for all your hard work and helping me on short notice. And of course, I am greatful that your methods work!

Anna Lutes
Medical Receptionist
Liberty Lake, WA